Quality Fresh Lamb & Veal

Weinstein Wholesale Meat, Inc. offers our customers high quality Lamb and Veal products.  Our domestic Lamb and Veal products are a combination of pasture grazed and grain fed to produce a finished product that is flavorful and tender.

Weinstein is able to procure the Lamb and Veal products our customers want for their special orders.

We offer the following

Veal Semi-Boneless Chuck
Veal Arm Chuck
Veal Round
Veal Breast
Veal Back Ribs
Veal Brisket
Veal Clod
Veal Stew Meat
Ground Veal

Veal Tails
Boneless Veal Leg
Veal Neck Bones
Veal Loin Chops
Veal Rib Chops
Bone-In Lamb Chuck
Bone-In Lamb Legs
Lamb Loin

Lamb Shanks
Lamb Loin Chops
Lamb Rib Chops
Rack of Lamb
Boneless Lamb Leg
Lamb Stew Meat
Lamb Bone
Lamb Breast

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We travel to nearly thirty three states weekly as we strive to satisfy our customers growing needs