Quality Fresh Beef

Weinstein Wholesale Meat, Inc. features a full line of whole muscle cuts in all major grades: USDA Select, USDA Choice and USDA Prime.  In addition, we are a licensed Certified Angus Beef® distributor, consistently recognized as a top volume retail distributor.

Fresh or frozen, our complete line of beef products enables us to meet any needs for our customers.  From the country’s largest wholesalers and buying co-ops, to the one store grocery chain, we are ready to service all of your Beef needs.

We offer the following

(list is representative but not comprehensive)

Bone-In Arm Chuck
Blade Chuck
Chuck Tenders
Regular Clods
XT Clods
Neck-Off Chuck Rolls
Chuck Flap Meat
Flat Iron
Choice Insides
Bone-In 160 Round
Denuded Inside Round
Round Flats
Round Eyes
Peeled Knuckles
1X1 Boneless Strips
0X1 Boneless Strips
2X3 Boneless Strips
13UP Top Butt
0X1 Short Loins
2X3 Short Loins
5UP PSMO – Case Ready
UP L/O Ribeye
DN L/O Ribeye
Export Rib
Chuck Short Rib
Rib Short Rib
2UP Ball Tip
Inner Skirts
Flank Steaks
Outer Skirts
Special Trim
Nose-Off Brisket
81% Fine Ground Beef
81% Fine Ground Chuck
73% Fine Ground Beef
Cheek Meat
Heel Meat
Hind Shanks
Ox Tails (COV)
Honey Comb Tripe
Scalded Tripe
Beef Liver (Fresh)
Beef Tongue
Cow Feet
Hanging Tenders

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We Service the Midwest, East Coast, South/Southeast states and California on a weekly basis.